High traffic area riser

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Hydroponics is a popular choice when it comes to the modern cultivation of plants. GD Watermark are able to provide a range of hydroponic solutions including tubing, fittings and other accessories. 

Micro Irrigation

You will find a core range of micro irrigation solutions as part of the GD Watermark range. These fittings start at 4mm through to 25mm.  Micro irrigation is a simple watering solution ensuring plants receive the exact amount of water they need, limiting the environmental and cost impact. 


GD Watermark offers the largest range of irrigation risers available for distribution around Australia. This is offered alongside a complete range of threaded fittings which are approved to AS/NZS 4020:2005 (Potable Water), made from Glass Reinforced Nylon. Sizes are stocked from 15mm to 50mm with larger sizes available upon requested. All fittings are of a […]